Hello. My name is Jocelyn.


Over the past fifteen years I've developed my own approach to sales, blending aspects of human behavior with the realities of remote work and the magnetism of personal brand. This unique combination has proven successful, affording me the opportunity to work with many F500 companies. Although our sales landscape has changed, it's also opened even wider to those seeking opportunity. By using LinkedIn, the world's largest and most trusted social-professional platform, you'll be joining a pool of professionals competing for success. How will you define your niche as a modern seller? Allow me to help.



So many of us are looking to LinkedIn and other online environments to support us in our success journey as modern sellers. But here's the thing. LinkedIn is complicated, and maybe social media of ANY KIND...isn't your thing? That's understandable. Social media can be intimidating. However it's not going away. LinkedIn is going to to grow exponentially in the coming years. Don't be left behind. Hire a professional. Stay in the game.