So many of us are looking to LinkedIn and other online environments to support us in our success journey as modern sellers. But here's the thing. LinkedIn is complicated, and maybe social media of ANY KIND...isn't your thing. Well, guess what?  That's just fine. 

But perhaps your hesitancy comes from a lack of understanding? Maybe you've worked in an industry or job that's changed or disappeared all together, and you feeling as if so much has changed since last you looked. Are you looking to refresh or reestablish yourself online? Allow me to help. 

The plan:

  • Four (4), 60 minute coaching sessions
  • A full re-scrub and build-out of your LinkedIn profile
  • A customized 30-day content roadmap for LinkedIn success


What to bring:

  • Dedication to the process
  • An open mind
  • Willingness to share your story

After your purchase, you will receive an automated calendar link to book your four (4) reoccuring appointments. Be sure to choose a time that works for you. Life certainly happens, and my focus is to support you in this process. Therefore, I extend one (1) opportunity to reschedule an appointment if interruptions happen. 


I'm looking forward to working with you.